Chase for WV

Door Knocking for Progress

Door Knocking for Progress - Cory Chase WV HoD 53

Knock doors with the candidates who will be working for YOU, the PEOPLE, in Charleston!

See individual dates on Facebook for details. Places will be set at least a few days ahead of time and will all be in areas of Tucker and Preston Counties that are in Cory’s HoD53 district. (All of both counties are within Stephanie’s Senate 14 district.)

We don’t take corporate money, we don’t play political games, and we are going to CLAIM our state for our PEOPLE! Join us!

Each week beginning mid August, our campaigns will be knocking doors together in Tucker and Preston Counties. Locations for each week’s group canvass will be posted at least a few days ahead of time.

It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s great exercise, and it MATTERS!

You can come once, once in a while, or every week. You can bring a friend, push a stroller, or come solo and make great, new friends! We are all in this together!

Meet us at 5 (weekdays) or 2 (weekends) to get a partner, get your supplies, and then we’ll start knocking doors! We’ll meet up again when folks finish their turfs to collect supplies and data from the door knocking. If you can only stay an hour or two, that’s FINE! Do what you can, and it’ll all be good!

No experience is necessary. You will always be offered an experienced partner & be given as much time and practice as you like before you even need to say a word! It’s easy and fun and a great way to get your steps while we learn about the issues facing folks in our community and help spread the people-focused messages of our campaigns.

Please RSVP to the date(s) you can make it, so we have enough supplies and experienced door-knockers on hand.

Please help us take back our state for our PEOPLE!