Thank you for your support.

Cory Chase for WV House District 53This campaign was never about winning or losing. It was about all of us engaging in our political process and electing people who care about us and not just monied interests. While I do not plan to run this election cycle, there is still so much work to do to move West Virginia forward. I am fully committed to helping the WV Can’t Wait movement. There are many great candidates all over the state that need your support and help. Here is a list of candidates who have taken the WV Can’t Wait pledge, which states:

1. We won’t take corporate cash.
2. We will stand with working people.
3. We will never hide from a debate.
4. We will do the work.
5. We won’t blame people who are struggling for their pain.

We can do this together! We don’t need political analysts and their polling or big news outlets to tell us what is happening on the ground in our communities. This movement is about everyone and not just the ones trying to keep the power and resources for themselves.

Thank you all for your support, time and effort. We couldn’t (and wouldn’t) do it without you.

-Cory Chase