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Cory Chase for WV supports ending dark money in support of fair and free elections.

Shedding Light on Dark Money

Our electoral system, if used properly in the way in which it was designed, is supposed to empower voters to decide who will represent them. In essence, the electoral system is the beating heart of any given democracy. But what happens if someone tips the scales? What if people’s votes

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Photo by Dylan Jones

Can Biochar Solve Arthurdale’s Algae Problem?

Algae is all over the news these days. Sometimes the news is good (biofuel!) but usually it’s harmful to humans. Most recently, it’s been making headlines in the Preston County town of Arthurdale where an algae bloom in the town’s current water source—the Arthurdale pond—is causing discoloration and a bad

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Point the Boat in the Right Direction: Fully Fund PEIA

Public employees are the backbone of a functioning society. Society crumbles without people in our communities that are dedicated to public service. We wouldn’t have public schools, EMS services, State Troopers, Judges, and service personnel that keep the state firing on all cylinders. West Virginia’s public employees have had languishing

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