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Cory Chase for WV House District 53

Too many of our representatives are beholden to wealthy donors: they don’t stand for the everyday West Virginian. When I win the 53rd district, I’ll represent and serve the real people of West Virginia…not the special interest lobbyists.

Cory was born and raised in Canaan Valley, West Virginia, where he and his family were caretakers for a large cattle farm. His parents provided him with a variety of work experience. They came to Canaan to start their own business: a cross country ski area with a restaurant and catering. Cory’s father also operated a chimney sweep business for 30 years. He and his two brothers worked on the farm and in the family businesses growing up. Whether it was painting the barn, catering weddings, cleaning chimneys, making hay, retrieving loose cows, or taking the 4-wheeler up the mountain to fix some high tensile fence, Cory and his brothers helped out with the various tasks around the farm, ski lodge and restaurant.
Candidate Cory Chase for WV House District 53
He attended Davis-Thomas Elementary Middle School and Tucker County High School K-12. During high school he worked teaching kids to ski at Timberline Four Seasons Resort. He also worked at two different summer camps for kids. After graduation from TCHS he went to massage therapy school in Virginia Beach and began practicing massage in 2003. He has been a small business owner as a licensed massage therapist for 15 years, working mostly in WV. Cory attended WVU from 2005-2009 and graduated with a Liberal Arts & Sciences degree, Magna Cum Laude, and a philosophy minor. His daughter was born in 2010 and he bought a house with two acres and a small garden in 2014.
Cory Chase WV House Candidate

Cory currently serves on three boards in the area: New Davis Renaissance Group (Treasurer), Blackwater Bicycle Association (Treasurer), and Tucker County Development Authority (Board Member). He is also on the fundraising committee for his daughter’s Montessori learning center, Mountain Laurel Learning Cooperative.


Working for West Virginia Families.

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Cory Chase
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Cory Chase
Cory Chase
Candidate for WV House District 53
Candidate for WV House District 53