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Cory Chase for WV House District 53

Too many of our representatives are beholden to wealthy donors: they don’t stand for the everyday West Virginian. When I win the 53rd district, I’ll represent and serve the real people of West Virginia…not the special interest lobbyists.

Cory Chase, Candidate

The Issues

Care Not Cuffs

A dollar spent locking up a nonviolent drug offender is a dollar that should be used for treating addiction. Let’s be tough on addiction, not tough on addicts.

Single-Payer Healthcare

Healthcare should be available to everyone in WV; healthy people make positive contributions to our state’s resources.

Invest in WV

Our state needs qualified educators, strong public schools, fair wages, good roads and jobs, internet connectivity and a reason to stay in West Virginia.

Industrial Hemp

West Virginia needs agricultural diversification, new industry, and better jobs. If money doesn’t grow on trees, let’s watch it grow in our fields.

Agri-Tourism & Farm Tours

We can add to our economy while teaching people where their food comes from.

Working & Middle Class
Tax Cuts

Let’s give West Virginians a break for our hard work! How about tax cuts for us – not the wealthy corporations that earn record profits and don’t pay their fair share.

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Cory Chase
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Cory Chase
Cory Chase
Candidate for WV House District 53
Candidate for WV House District 53