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Cory Chase for WV House District 53
Cory Chase for WV House District 53

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West Virginia Families

Cory Chase for WV House District 53

I am running for the WV House of Delegates to represent the people of Preston and Tucker counties, and I’m joining over 70+ other candidates from across the state who have taken the WV Can’t Wait pledge:

  1. I won’t take Corporate Cash
  2. I will stand with working people
  3. I will never hide from a debate
  4. I will do the work
  5. I won’t blame people who are struggling with their pain

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For us to live in a nation that values all of us, we need a political system that hears all of us and an economy that works for all of us.

Cory Chase, Candidate

As a West Virginia native, I have a deep love for the people, values, and rugged landscapes that define this state. Our rural way of life is often misunderstood by those unfamiliar with Appalachian culture, which is why it is critical to have a representative that understands you and our connection to the land. I was born and raised on a cattle farm in Canaan Valley. From fixing fences and chasing cows to putting up hay for the winter, life on the farm shaped who I am today. I helped my family with their small businesses, including my father’s chimney sweep business, small ski area, and my mother’s restaurant and catering business. After graduating from Tucker County High School, I trained as a massage therapist and have run my own successful small business for 17 years.

For us to live in a nation that values all of us, we need a political system that hears all of us and an economy that works for all of us.

This campaign is about empowering people. When we have quality healthcare and paid leave, we stay in the workforce and have more secure jobs. When we have educational opportunities, we gain the skills we need to succeed. When our democracy isn’t overrun with secret money, we have a government that works for us. Whether we’re fighting for better pay, better health coverage, or better roads and schools, we need representatives that will put you and your interests first, not just a few people with lots of money.

I will do everything I can to empower West Virginians by:

  • Advocating for your consumer rights, civil liberties, farm and property rights, and economic justice.
  • Working to raise wages so we and future generations can make a living in West Virginia. Wages have not kept up with rising prices of necessities like rent, food, transportation and healthcare. Economies don’t grow when people don’t have enough money.
  • Fighting for affordable trade schools and job opportunities that benefit our people instead of those who profit from other people’s mismanaged debt.
  • Using your tax dollars wisely by investing in roadsinfrastructure, and healthcare.
  • Working to expand worker benefits, including paid family, medical, and sick leave, so we can recuperate and still provide for ourselves and our families.
  • Fighting for clean and fair elections. Without transparency, our elections will continue to be bought with dark money. This undemocratic practice must be taken out of politics so our voices are no longer silenced by money from unreported donors.

True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Wherever you live, I hope you’ll find your unique way to join the movements that are empowering people and communities. Figure out who your candidates are. Help them. Even if it’s one hour per week or $2 dollars a month, everything makes a difference. Thank you for time and contribution.

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